get this job finally done ! -myself

3D Graphics XD

Do it :D


I want contribute and give you domain

and a server :D

Maybe a way to import rpg maker 95/2000/2003 games would be a nice idea. Also a way to compile a project into a standalone executable might be a good idea (an easy way to do this would be to have GNURPGM generate C/C++ code and have GCC Compile it.)

"get this job finally done! -myself" would be great. .. .and video tutorials. ..i'm trying to reach some help but i'm not been able in any place.. .

(ok first of all sory about 2 things: my english, and i'm very boring here so i took my time here explaning my point) For example you can create a guide for those who know nothing at all and don't know how to work with so much info. "X amount of tips for your workflow, and not workslow" Don't put things like "my grandma can do this", be friendly with the people who will be using this. "Ok so first things first: what will your story talk about? make a list of the things that will happen. Make a list of the places that your heroes will be traveling throu. Its very (maybe the most) important to KNOW ALL YOUR INFO and WHERE IT IS and HOW TO MANAGE IT, after that you can start.". .. . .. .."make sure to have all that you'll be needing to create your many worlds or towns or characters on your sources before anything else" or something like that. .. You can create some things in the page on first sight like "you opened the gnurpgm for the first time and when you went to create your first game didn't find anything on your maps?". .. . "why is maps empty?" . .. .."Why when i try to open the faq from the gnurpg there is nothing there?" . . .. . i think all those things should be on your web page right here. . ..for example i'm trying to get info of how to use this or what to do first and i'm not been able to find any. .. When i open the "open examples collections" it says that there are no examples in the folder. .. and i'm not been able to change the folder directory. .. Then when i open the handbook, there is no lenguage for me to choose or any info bellow, and after clicking on "visit homepage" i'm here and i'm not been able to find much help. .. If you want to be userfriendly, you should try your very very best to make sure the user is not forced to check the forums to see if maybe there he or she will find the solution.. one ever wants to check the forums. . .make sure the forum is the very last option fo the user to find the info they need. .. if the info they need to fix some things that are not working (or to understand something) is in the (not working) program itself, but not in this webpage for the people to find it in an easy and fast way, they'll get frustrated. . .. Picture your self installing something. It doesn't work properly. Or you don't understand something on your first atempt to use the program. And you read "here is the info for you to understand!" and after you click there, it says "there is no info here!". So you go back and click where you read "click here if you want much more info!" and it takes you to a webpage where there isn't much info at allabout how to use the program, what you should do first, what second, and what you should leave for the very last. Not to mention, what to do if the info that should be in the program to help you isn't there. .. You could try to find a new name to. GNURPGM its to hard to say it easily. ..even harder for some one who is 8 years old.. .. Sory i used to work in motion graphics selling things and making sure things sell for themselfs by been the best product and not saying "hey do you want to buy this?". .the thing is, if you make a great program and every one understends it, and its easy to use and to learn and to find the answers, you don't need to "sell" it. .. i work on websupport to. . for anthem, wellpoint and bluecross and blueshield. .. if you create the best rpg maker ever existed, but your webpage sucks and you don't help people by giving them the right answer in the fastest and safest way, your doomed.. . i know that doing aaaaall of this things by yourself its hard like hell. .. You can ask for help if you want. .. Again, sory if you feel that i'm an asshole or something. ..

I love you are my great desire is to see your finished work :)

translate it to Spanish


is the interpreter done?

i wish for a dragon ball z and who framed roger rabbit crossover fanfiction posted on where goku meets jessica rabbit for a steamy night of love, passion, sex, and lemons.

i wish for a dragon ball z and who framed roger rabbit crossover fanfiction posted on where goku meets jessica rabbit for a steamy night of love, passion, sex, and lemons.

a bad ending >:D

i wish to participate by traducting your page in french so that I can manage to help nice to meet you ! ;-)